The Story

What could be better than a modern fable to tell this exciting new chapter in the hotel’s history? The joint adventures of two versatile characters, Fritz and Felix, a fox and a hare from the Black Forest, set the scene for the brand-new restaurant.

Certainly worth a trip out of the forest to get to know it, thinks Fritz. Fritz, with his old-fashioned name and even more old-fashioned attitudes, is keen on history, is a bit of a snob, and is also a keeper of tradition. A little stuffy, but he knows what he's talking about. When it comes to food and cars he’s quite outlandish: he drives a Delahaye 135M Narval with bodywork by Figoni et Falaschi - and with a bonnet "as long as my muzzle".

Felix, with his smart sounding name and his fresh, lively attitude to life, really is as agile a hare: open-minded, keen to experiment and always up to date in cultural matters. He spends his time hopping through the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and other galleries, repeatedly questioning what already exists. "Always stay hip when hopping" is his motto.

Only the best is good enough - without being snobby or too much hullabaloo, but with all the more quality and casualness - that’s what unites them. Country life with world-class flair - lively and relaxed, but buzzing with competence and an unmistakable sense of professionalism. Like a perfectly tuned engine under a chic chassis. And by chance, just like their namesake: Fritz & Felix.


The Concept


Our innovative catering concept was developed by the renowned London-based The Gorgeous Group. The modern food concept from the pen of Swiss star chef Nenad Mlinarevic encourages you to embrace new culinary experiences. Connoisseurs can also look forward to the interior design by Robert Angell, he drew his inspiration for the Fritz & Felix design from nature and technology.

"Comfort Food": Authentic, honest, aromatic

We don't want to create heady works of art, but dishes that are understood and that our guests can really enjoy. Naturalness plays an important role – our products should taste of what they are – whether they come from the region or from other countries. We want to season courageously, our food should have character, soul and a history.

We involve many suppliers from the region without, however, giving up products and flavours from all over the world. The subject of meat is very important to us; here we work exclusively with producers who play an important role in the ethical aspects of animal husbandry from birth to slaughter. Many of our food specials are prepared with the designer grill from La Coruña in Spain in the middle of the restaurant.

The bar concept: "Drink fresh, stay local"

Our bar concept is based on the Roaring Twenties with its fascinating cars and exuberant lifestyle. The Black Forest with its numerous myths and legends invites you to combine inspiration from the past with good ideas from the present. The result is exceptional drinks that bring carefully selected local products into an elegant balance with one or the other surprising ingredient. The non-alcoholic drinks are also our own creations - or at least new and modern interpretations.

In addition, we attach great importance to sustainability: plastic straws are a no-go in Fritz & Felix, instead glass straws are used.

Wine magazine instead of a boring list

Our wine list follows a completely new approach: the list in magazine format will be reissued every three months - always with wines that suit the season. The focus of the selection will be on Baden and Germany. In addition, the list will also present a clever compilation of the best wines from around world.