Comfort Food



Playing with differences in consistency and flavors as well as mixing various ingredients to surprisingly new combinations  - that’s what we do in Fritz & Felix. Preferably we serve as many food creations as possible in the middle of the table for you to share. Creating an unforgettable evening. The quality of the products and the taste always come first.


Fritz & Felix tartar | beef | egg yolk | capers | Belper Knolle
buffalo mozarella | kale | mustard | fried onions
duck breast | carrots | grapefruit
scallop | pumpkin | blood orange | bonito
white chocolate | yuzu | meringues | dill
apple sundae | condensed milk | anise crumble | chantilly cream

It's wine time

Discover Fritz & Felix way of wine: Providing the finest selection of  local wines regularly updated to suit the season and tilitate your platate.  Complemented by international winery gems.