"Drink fresh, stay local”


We create our own drinks in a stylish ambience and reinterpret classics in a modern way. For our creations, we use a rich selection of almost 150 different spirits, most of which come from Germany - including homemade vermouth and a large collection of German gins and whiskies.

Signature Drinks

"Fritz & Felix Sprizz"

House-made Vermouth | Birds Riesling Spirit

"Black Forest Bear”

Bonpland Rouge Rum | Bärenjäger Honey Liqueur

"Brenners Cooler"

Monin Bitter Syrup | Vanilla Rooibos Tea | Bitter Lemon


Honey & Herbs
Clover`s Club
Black Forest Bear
Berry Smash
Fritz & Felix Sprizz
Hunter`s Rose
Hirsch Sprizz
Brenners Cooler

Local Spirits

As with our menu, we also try to promote regionality in our bar menu.

Apart from the classic spirits, there is also a variety of high-quality, local products. The great variety of national whiskeys, which, in contrast to gins, still have a relatively unnoticed existence, should certainly be emphasised here. And wrongly so, as we are talking here about products of outstanding quality that also reflect the identity of their makers.

We are very happy to use such regional products as Benazet Vodka. The joy of experimenting of our bar crew also enables us to make great new discoveries like the Belsazar dry vermouth, Bonpland or Meermaid Rum, as well as Mondino Bitter and Birds Riesling Spirit.

These are products that few people associate with their country of origin, Germany, but which show us how great our scene has become. Innovation and tradition are also best combined in our bar menu, as we still maintain the history of great "classic" distillates such as the Stählemühle.

In combination with our selection of the highest quality international spirits, we certainly offer our guests an outstanding opportunity for an exciting voyage of discovery that offers us new challenges and scope for creativity time and time again.

Bar Food

In our Fritz & Felix Bar we serve you contemporary interpretations of classics. Dishes that harmonize wonderfully with our idea of Comfort Food and represent our kitchen style in a "small" way.

Just like in the restaurant, at the bar we want to convey regionality and cosmopolitanism, authenticity and curiosity, the pleasure of enjoyment and honest flavors.

The choice of food should also be more strongly associated with our drinks, without getting too brainwashed, food and drink "pairing" is for us a great opportunity to try new things. Uncomplicated enjoyment is in the foreground.

Fritz & Felix tartar | egg yolk | capers | Belper Knolle

Our coffee partner: Kaffeesack

We are very proud to have such great partners as Kaffeesack at our side. As with us, their focus is absolutely on the regionality of the products they sell in their Brew Bar here in Baden-Baden.

With their coffee, the ultimate goal is to honestly reward the hard work of the coffee farmers. The support of the farmers and the economic growth of Kaffeesack therefore go hand in hand. A very special project is, for example, MEAMBAR from Honduras. They trade directly with the farmer, and the plantation owner is rewarded for high quality locally. This means that Kaffeesack is in very close contact with farmers and managers. The aim here is to maintain the high quality of the beans and to continuously improve working conditions.

Kaffeesack has been a member of the German Roasting Guild since 2017 and won two gold medals for its excellent coffee in 2018.